The Theatre of Shadows


The Theatre of Shadows is a business in Mournhold. There are three rooms upstairs for nightly/weekly rent, a full menu in the dining hall, a drinking lounge with a stocked bar, and last but not least a fully functional theatre with (very) occasional live performances. Xar’anthas is the manager and he can usually be found in his office at the back of the parlor room. Management condones most illegal activity, for enough coin. Open disturbances are asked to be held away from this location, and the theatre staff members must be treated with respect (both IC and OOC).

Basic Details

Server: PC_NA

Owner: @Ickyness

Homestead: Quandom Indorilia

Population Limit: 12

Roleplay Details

Faction: Ebonheart Pact

Location: Outskirts of Mournhold, generic location

Monster Policy: Not specified

Additional Details

Open to the public.  Open on weekends for sure. Whisper @Ickyness or anyone else in The Foyada Tong.



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