The Gilded Petal


The Gilded Petal serves as a wine house/tavern for those that dock in the port of Camanelyen. There is ample seating near the hearth downstairs for those that seek a warm meal and a comfortable place to relax downstairs, while upstairs patrons can enjoy themselves with a game of dice, or find a place to sleep for a small fee.

Basic Details

Server: PC-NA

Owner: @FrazzledFox

Homestead: Cliffshade

Population Limit: 12

Roleplay Details

Faction: Aldmeri Dominion.

Location: On Auridon, south of Skywatch, in the port of Camanelyen (player-made city).

Monster Policy: Not specified.

Additional Details

The Gilded Petal is open to all who choose to enter, though it is important to note that The Gilded Petal is under the jurisdiction of The Dominion, and will not tolerate obvious criminals, or be a patron to illegal deeds. The Gilded Petal is staffed at almost all times, due to its position on an active dock. (Though an IC barkeeper will sporadically be there). I would appreciate at least a mail before others use it, as it was specifically made for an Altmer guild, but it is open to all who want to have some RP on Auridon!





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