Dunmeri Ancestor Shrine


Every Dunmer needs a shrine to their ancestors! This simple and generic shrine offers a space to RP specifically within one (especially if you have a wealthier Dunmer).

Basic Details

Server: PC/NA

Owner: @Nitewalker314

Homestead: Saint Delyn Penthouse

Population Limit:  2

Roleplay Details

Faction:  Ebonheart Pact

Location: Morrowind;Vivec, though wherever it is needed.

Monster Policy:  Open Monsters Allowed

Additional Details

If you’d like to RP here, drop me a line in-game. With the item limit, it would be hard to change/add furnishings, but if something is required, I can try to accommodate! The IC location can easily be changed, as it’s a room, so feel free.


ancestor shrine - imgur

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