Mossburrow Village


Mossburrow is a traditional village of Valenwood, inhabited by the bosmer, some of the friendliest yet the most untamed people of Tamriel. Many of the locals relocated there after the destruction of Greenheart in Greenshade to start a new life. Although the elderly are suspicious of strangers, others are welcoming, cheerful folk. Their purpose is to protect Valenwood from forces that will unbalance it. Cunning and stealthy, they are driven by the love for their people and nature.

Basic Details

Server:  PC/EU

Owner: @Nilawen851

Homestead:  The Gorinir Estate

Population Limit:  12

Roleplay Details

Faction:  Neutral

Location: Grahtwood

Monster Policy: Hidden Monsters Allowed

Additional Details

Greeenheart guild (optional): All powerful IC leaders are NPC.

All crafting stations included.
Relaxing, green ambience.
Discreet spots for hanging out and hideouts.
Sacred cave dedicated to Y’ffre at the bottom floor, waiting to be discovered.
Ladders take you higher and around the village for a spectacular view.
Reading room.
Trophy pod, for meetings and discussions.
Hammocks, tents & bedroom, for locals and guests to spend the night.


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