Weeping Willow Inn


The Weeping Willow Inn is a front for Imperial Refugees to find a safe place. Rest their feet, wash their wounds, get medical attention all the while contracted with a member of the Thieves Guild to provide false paperwork that they can pass as ‘Nords’ or ‘Bretons’ to find a new homeland until the war is over. The papers giving the refugee a few writs of citizenship and past work experience to make it easier to meld into their chosen society.

The inn itself is a very homely, very cozy place to relax for all races, providing freshly baked bread, sugar bread, home-made brews and wines along with fresh seafood and game meat. Patron first, quality never in question, the Weeping Willow has fine boarding commendations for all walks of life. With medicine for wounds and other nasty injuries on hand to fix up the passerby, the Inn welcomes the homeless for a free meal or the noble knight for some backwoods hospitality. A small shrine to the Divines and fallen in the wars is also tended to in the garden of the inn for those that seek peace, offerings to the fallen and general prayers.

Basic Details

Server: PC-NA

Owner: @bobocrunch

Homestead: Domus Phrasticus

Population Limit: 12

Roleplay Details

Faction: Neutral

Location: Gold Coast Forests, Cyrodiil

Monster Policy: Hidden Monsters Allowed

Additional Details

Through RP events and time, the small shoddy inn will grow and get bigger, offering many different perks of life from a bathhouse, clothes washing, a full kitchen and more staff along with a vineyard and brewery. This will be an evolving RP experience for people that choose it as a place to relax, unwind or springboard into another RP. Through trade and activity, it will be upgraded to suit more and more people, a realistic business owning experience… as realistic as it could be.


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