Dres Coastal Manor


The manor is an example of mainland architecture looking odd and unexpected in Vvardenfell landscape. Long abandoned by its original Dreloth owners, it’d been serving as a warehouse untill minor noble from mainland, Dres Areev, bought it cheaply. Now, in the renovated estate, a new slave-trading ring is distributing and selling living cargo. Not only generic servants or farmhands, but also rare subjects for Telvanni sceintific experiments.

Basic Details

Server:  PC/EU

Owner: @Vagabond_Outcast

Homestead: Quondam Indorilia

Population Limit:  12

Roleplay Details

Faction:   Neutral

Location:  Vvardenfell, Azura’s coast, near Dreloth ancestral tomb

Monster Policy:  Hidden Monsters Allowed

Additional Details

Dres Coastal Manor’s doors are always open for members of House Dres. Potential allies and buisness partners from other Houses are most welcome at trade and entertainment events. Non-Dunmer are not allowed to enter, except ones for whom a member of House Dres has vouched, or slaves accompanying their masters.


More pictures here.


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