Nulandis Family’s Hall


As the Nulandis family’s property manager, I have listed several properties for use by patrons of the appropriate standing. This grand estate is a public-use location featuring a large lecture/dining hall, alchemy laboratory, library, and outdoor entertaining area. Those of the magical persuasion are ideally welcome. Please note that this property is only available for event usage; all beds are currently occupied. Contact Gaelen Black on the Gold Cost for more information.

Basic Details

Server:   PC/NA

Owner:  GaelenBlack

Homestead:   Grand Psijic Villa

Population Limit:  24

Roleplay Details

Faction:  Neutral

Location:  Island off the coast of Artaeum

Monster Policy:  Open Monsters Allowed

Additional Details

Please do not use this property on Friday’s 6pm-11pm EST; if you wish something special to be added for your event, please contact me in-game



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