Quaint Cottage


As the Nulandis family’s property manager, I have listed several properties for use by patrons of the appropriate standing. This…’house’ located on the outskirts of the Hag Fens, is a rustic retreat from civilization. And quite possibly haunted. Adequate for a hermit, hag, or wyress. Fully furnished. Includes farm animals, campsite, and tent. Contact Gaelen Black on the Gold Cost for more information.

Basic Details

Server:  PC/NA

Owner:  GaelenBlack

Homestead:  Exorcised Coven Cottage

Population Limit:  6

Roleplay Details

Faction:   Neutral

Location:  High Rock,Northeast of Aldcroft

Monster Policy:  Open Monsters Allowed

Additional Details

No restrictions. If you would like something special for this residence, please contact me in-game.



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