Temple of Sithis


As the Nulandis family’s property manager, I have listed several properties for use by patrons of the appropriate standing. This ruin was recently uncovered by the Nulandis family during an expedition to Murkmire. Meant for examination, contemplation, and worship, you will find shrines and statues upon which to meditate. Fully furnished dormitory, library, and dining areas. Staff included. Contact Gaelen Black on the Gold Cost for more information.

Basic Details

Server:  PC/NA

Owner:  GaelenBlack

Homestead:   Lakemire Xanmeer Manor

Population Limit:  24

Roleplay Details

Faction:   Neutral

Location:  Hidden in the swamps of Murkmire

Monster Policy:  Open Monsters Allowed

Additional Details

Outdoor tent area deliberately unfurnished; if you would like something special, please contact me in-game.



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