Daedric ‘Laboratory’


OOC: If you have need of an isolated refuge for your less-morally-inclined characters to ‘experiment’ in peace and quiet (minus the screaming, of course), this might be the place for you! Complete with daedric tomes and a sinister alchemy lab for your most vile poisons. Not to mention the…workshop in the back. Don’t mind the banekin, he gets a little overexcited about smashing skulls.

Basic Details

Server: PC-NA

Owner: GaelenBlack

Homestead: Tel Galen Tower

Population Limit: 24

Roleplay Details

Faction: Neutral

Location: Vvardenfell

Monster Policy: Open Monsters Allowed

Additional Details

No time/day usage restrictions. Please contact Gaelen Black in-game or on Discord to reserve.



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