Gold Coast Gallery


Located in the heart of Anvil, the Gold Coast gallery showcases and sells fine works of art from both local and foreign artists. The estate even managed to import Summerset flora, enabling guests to enjoy both indoor and outdoor beauty. Generous sponsorship is granted by the Temple of Dibella and local philanthropists to enable the gallery’s regular operations; as such, the gallery is open on a near-daily basis.

Basic Details

Server: PC-NA

Owner: @TeacupTempest

Homestead: Mathiisen Manor

Population Limit: 12

Roleplay Details

Faction: Neutral

Location: Cyrodiil, Anvil, on the far side of the mermaid fountain

Monster Policy: Hidden Monsters Allowed

Additional Details

The Gold Coast Gallery reserves the right to temporary close its doors to the public when hosting events.


All Images:

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