Yond Silyanorn


Located within the Heartland of Cyrodiil near Vahtacen, Yond Silyanorn is an ancient Ayleid library that once belonged to a mage of great power. It has been left nearly undisturbed since the Alessian Rebellion and contains old tomes of lore from the Merethic Era preserved against time by the enchantments on them. Those who seek ancient knowledge or adventure are welcome to test themselves against the ruin’s defenses.

Basic Details

Server: PC-NA

Owner: @Genkidu

Homestead: Coldharbour Surreal Estate

Population Limit: 24

Roleplay Details

Faction: Not Applicable

Location: Cyrodiil, Hidden in a cave near Vahtacen in Cyrodiil

Monster Policy: Open Monsters Allowed

Additional Details

This is an Ayleid ruin-style house open to the public for RP events. Anyone can use this location without permission for any sort of event that would need an Ayleid ruin. There are no real restrictions so enjoy!


All Images: https://imgur.com/a/a0MrZzb

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