Weeping Willow Inn

The Weeping Willow Inn is a front for Imperial Refugees to find a safe place. Rest their feet, wash their wounds, get medical attention all the while contracted with a member of the Thieves Guild to provide false paperwork that they can pass as ‘Nords’ or ‘Bretons’ to find a new homeland until the war is over. The papers giving the refugee a few writs of citizenship and past work experience to make it easier to meld into their chosen society.

Moon Tongue Cafe

A small hole-in-the-wall cafe with a rough crowd and a literal hole in the wall leading to a secret Skooma Den. Complete with beds for sleeping your high off! Looking for a private party with no ears listening in? The cafe is open for rent, no questions asked.

Fort Decimus

Imperial legion fortress originally built to protect nearby trade routes and mining operations. Imperial guards, mercenaries, traders, and laborers frequent the area. The odd mage can be seen inside studying relics stored and ships can be seen pulling in and out of the docks.

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