The Patchwork Menagerie

Long hidden deep within some forgotten Imperial sewers of the port town of Strayhome sits the Patchwork Menagerie. Built upon the bones of an old khajiiti temple, this underground fighting arena is now home to a scattering of local thieves and undesirables looking to make their name brawling for the amusement of other destitute strangers.

Wenayasel’s Temple of the Divines

Underneath the island town of Wenayasel, a number of Ayleid halls have recently been uncovered. One of these halls has been repurposed as temple to the remaining Bosmeri pantheon who do not already have shrines within the city, with Auri-El as the primary focus. Visitors or residents who worship any of the gods enshrined here are welcome to make use of the space.

Rawl’wano Trading Post

The Baandari Trading Post of Rawl’wano (Rain’s Rest in Ta’agra) is an outpost located within the Tenmar Jungle, between the cities of Corinthe and Torval. Once an abandoned ruin, it has been repurposed by the Baandari of the Stray Moons Caravan into their trading post in the Tenmar Jungle. The Stray Moons Caravan hosts markets and tavern nights within their encampment, and invites anyone traveling through the Tenmar between Anqeuina and Pellitine to visit.

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