Sanctuary of the Saints

The Sanctuary of the Saints is a place to pay homage to the Tribunal Saints and to worship in the peace and security of one of the monasteries in Morrowind. Amenities include a lighthouse, library, workshop, shrines to every saint, a chapel, and lodgings with a kitchen. Come and bask in the light of ALMSIVI through the Saints. The Sanctuary is open to all just don’t go down the alley.

Agea Mora

Hotel Agea Mora is a cozy little estate on the northeastern banks of the Odai River in Balmora. Despite it being more of a hostel than a hotel, Agea Mora is currently open to guests from Morrowind and from lands beyond our ashen borders. Really anyone who wishes to relax by the pool, have a drink in the tavern, or maybe even have find some peace within the library is welcome to Hotel Agea Mora. Requests for reservations can also be made for the various offerings and rooms within the estate.

Dres Coastal Manor

“The manor is an example of mainland architecture looking odd and unexpected in Vvardenfell landscape. Long abandoned by its original Dreloth owners, it’d been serving as a warehouse untill minor noble from mainland, Dres Areev, bought it cheaply. Now, in the renovated estate, a new slave-trading ring is distributing and selling living cargo. Not only generic servants or farmhands, but also rare subjects for Telvanni sceintific experiments.”

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