Renoae’s Archive

A middle-aged Skaal woman runs this obscure and quiet archive. With collections from the Conclave of Aetherius and other assorted adventures, it is a modest but impressive collection. It is open to any looking for knowledge or a place to conduct their research.
Crafting stations and banker available on site.

Spriggan’s Sanctuary

A dense, disorienting woods with hidden details aplenty, this natural space is largely yet untouched by man or mer. Those keen of eye (and long of draw distance) may even spy the sanctuary’s three namesake guardians, as they make their patrols about some of the most remote corners of their domain—ever watchful of the trespassers within.

Sunken Spire Citadel, Sub-Level

Sub-level of the Nulandis Family’s underground fortress, Sunken Spire Citadel, that hosts the company of Gaersley & Black. This floor features the fortress’ boiler and furnace, as well as an office space, eerie bedchamber, and for those brave souls who would venture beyond, a large, heavily guarded dungeon, surgery, and laboratory.

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