Partners are groups that share similar interests and have agreed to help support the ESO-RP Homestead Directory. Occasionally, we may host joint events, house hops, crafting fairs, roleplays, or streams with our partners. If you run a group that is related to housing or roleplaying and want to become a partner, please contact site staff to discuss opportunities! Be sure to check them out, they are great resources!


Are you looking for a friendly, helpful social community? Are you new to the game and interested in learning the basics? Do you like Housing? Are looking to trade and learn furnishing plans? Enjoy looking at other people’s home decor? Then Hearthlight (PC-NA) is for you!

ESO Housing Network

Do you love housing? Would you like to connect with the ESO housing community at large in a place where you can show off your creations, offer tips and ideas, and take part in events that are open to everyone?

Then join us and become part of the ESO Housing Network!

This is a cross-platform Discord server for the entire ESO community where you can exchange ideas and share pictures of your homes, trade furnishings/recipes, organize events, and visit each other’s amazing homes!

We would love for you to join us, and invite your friends and guildmates too! Just use the link: