The Tipsy Spriggan

On the road in the forest, a day’s ride northeast of the city of Daggerfall, stands an old tavern and inn for travelers to rest. Legend says that the first owner of the inn was a friend of a particularly strange spriggan with a perchant for the innkeeper’s homebrewed wines – a recipe that is still brewed today called a “Sap White”.

The Crystal Serpent

“The Crystal Serpent, formerly owned and operated by Baroness Aililth Winmar, is finally reopened under new ownership in the trade city of Daggerfall. Many citizens venture in to purchase essential elixirs, while others merely seek to satisfy their curiosity. The quaint store offers an abundance of magical and ceremonial supplies.

There is a small notice board that is riddled with various papers. Patrons notice usually when exiting the shop. It has an old ad from the previous owner.”