Daedric Cult HQ

A foreboding Dunmeri manor turned Daedric cult residency, this chateau is open to all potential visitors ((IC and OOC)), so long as they do not wish harm to those within the walls. The chateau houses the Conscripts of the Daedra, a unique multi-cultural cult (guild) that aims to see the will of the Daedric Princes on Nirn.

Rangers Covenant

Deep within the forests of Daenia lay an ruin of a long forgotten Noble or Family. Druids and Ranger’s of a recent alliance (not to mention funds from an former Imperial Noble Family) rebuilt the ruin as a home for their covenant, yet keeping the overgrowth where possible. The result was a rebuilt fort with both knightly and druidic influences.

Fort Decimus

Imperial legion fortress originally built to protect nearby trade routes and mining operations. Imperial guards, mercenaries, traders, and laborers frequent the area. The odd mage can be seen inside studying relics stored and ships can be seen pulling in and out of the docks.