Lan Urul

Situated in the mountainous southwest of the Amaya Basin is a maar that straddles the border between that great haunted vale of the Mabrigash and the sunny, humid ranges of Arnesia. A military outpost and a dock were built on the sandy banks of the river within the confines of Lan Urul to provide restock and supply services to tradesmen moving between the central plains and southern marshes. Rathryn Outpost now serves as a waystation, as well as Vivayth Rathryn’s private residence.

Mountain Archives

Nestled in a mountain, the Temple Mount has been recovered and refurbished from its ruined status and turned into a lovely retreat and event space by a retired adventurer. In the heart of the mountain is a library and archive space complete with garden and trophies from world history. The branching paths lead to a ceremony space, the Dragon Ballroom, and the Archivist’s Residence.

Clan Skyshield Estate

The newly built longhouse estate belonging to a mysterious Nord Noble Clan in Haafingar. Clan Skyshield was once a well known name in Solitude until the Harrowstorm Crisis. Little is known what became of the famous Chieftess Igne Skyshield and the original estate. Whispers speak of a new head of the Clan…

Excavated Home and Ritual Site

As the Nulandis family’s property manager, I have listed several properties for use by patrons of the appropriate standing. The most mysterious of the properties in the family’s portfolio, this rather ‘unique’ building was excavated near the Crypt of Hearts. Only a few people know that, behind the sealed door, is a portal to Coldharbour itself. And beyond that? Perhaps it is best not to know… Contact Gaelen Black in Alinor for more information.

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