Temple of Sithis

As the Nulandis family’s property manager, I have listed several properties for use by patrons of the appropriate standing. This ruin was recently uncovered by the Nulandis family during an expedition to Murkmire. Meant for examination, contemplation, and worship, you will find shrines and statues upon which to meditate. Fully furnished dormitory, library, and dining areas. Staff included. Contact Gaelen Black on the Gold Cost for more information.

Backwash Bay

Somewhere off the south shores sits an unnamed, unmarked island. Stories tell of a pirate crew from Elsweyr, so desperate in their search for gold that they pledged their souls to the whispers of the island in exchange for a promise of fortune. Since then, a volcano has rendered the surrounding area an inhospitable wasteland, save for one small inlet housing the husked remnants of the crew and their ramshackle bazaar… forever eager to reap the rewards of whatever—or whoever—washes ashore.

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