Veldresi Estate

The administrative headquarters of Veldresi Enterprises is designed to impress. Equipped with a massive stage and backstage area, impressive lighting, two separate bars and a fully-stocked kitchen and dining room, this opulent palace is ideal for hosting events. There is also a conference room and luxury suite for extended stays.

Shipwreck Cove

A beautiful waterfall springs forth into a magical cove bursting with color. The treacherous rock formations nearby have spelled disaster for many ships, and the mysterious denizens of this cove have collected their treasures for their own enjoyment. Offshore, a large vessel drifts in the blue waters of the open sea. With climbable riggings, a crow’s nest, fully outfitted bar, crew and captain’s quarters, brig, and cargo hold, this ship has everything you need for your next adventure.

Farraden’s Phials

After years of mysterious behavior, Solannah Farraden finally settled down into one of her great-uncle’s properties and has opened a small alchemy shop. With fresh reagents growing in her interior garden, and a variety of herbs from around Tamriel, she makes potions to order – no questions asked.

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