Wayrest Archaeology Museum


This museum (and warehouse) is curated and operated by Floritte Vinielle, an archaeologist in the Mages Guild. Its collections are constantly growing, through both donations and archaeological expeditions. There is a library, lecture hall, and laboratory located on the grounds, all for public use. In addition, some lodging is available for visitors.

Basic Details

Server: PC/NA

Owner: @Nitewalker314

Homestead:Gardner House

Population Limit:  12

Roleplay Details

Faction:  Neutral

Location: Wayrest;Down the street from the Wayrest Mages’ Guild hall

Monster Policy: Hidden Monsters Allowed

Additional Details

If you’d like to RP here – privately or for an event – drop me a line in-game! Floritte, along with a Lamp Knight both reside on the property ICly, and there are “open hours” for the museum.



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