Prison and Interrogation Center


Cozy little place to keep your undesirables and find out exactly who stole your last cupcake.

Basic Details

Server: PC/NA

Owner:  @Zoycitenega

Homestead: Hammerdeath Bungalow

Population Limit:  6

Roleplay Details

Faction:  Neutral

Location: Non-Specific.  Not pretty enough to be Altmer, not enough spikes to be Daedric.

Monster Policy:   All are welcome.  Just wipe your feet and clean up the mess.

Additional Details

Everyone has decorator, please use responsibly.  To get inside the cells, go into the housing editor(F5), select the cell, and while the cell is selected go inside it.  Then use (ESC) and exit out of the editor without resetting down the cell.    Use the same trick for the gibbet, only you will have to jump up before moving so you’re effectively trapped.

Also, this is an alt account of @Jaeysa – please whisper/mail on there if you have questions/concerns/requests.


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